Author: Titi Sari Nurul Rachmawati

Angklung Performance in front of Diplomatic Spouses Club of Sweden

In early January, we Indonesian students were asked to perform angklung musical instrument for an event of Diplomatic Spouse Club of Sweden at February 8th. Without hesitation, I applied. Of course, I would like to promote Indonesia culture to ambassador’s spouse from various country. This is a great chance!  Besides that, I also want to… Read more »

E-Estonia Seminar by Swedish Institute and TechHub

On 16 March 2018, I went to Estonia by a cruise to attend a seminar about e-Estonia by Estonia government and e-governance academy (EGA). This event was held by TechHub and supported by Swedish Institute. I heard that e-governance of Estonia is the most advanced system and notable example in the world so, without any… Read more »

8 Fun Things to do in Stockholm for Indonesian Student

Are you a new student from Indonesia who will come to Sweden? This article is exactly for you! Here, you can read 8 fun things Indonesian student can do in Stockholm. Go take a look! ^_^ Promoting Indonesia Indonesia embassy here has so many events such as Pasar Malam Indonesia dan Kampung Indonesia where many… Read more »

Celebrating Culture: Attending Diwali (Indian) Day!

One of the good things studying abroad is celebrating culture from all around the world. On 12 November, I had the opportunity to attend Diwali Day or Indian Day and of course, I didn’t miss it! So, what is Diwali Day actually? Why Indian celebrate it? I found out that Diwali is Festival of Light and… Read more »

Halloween Day and All Saints Day in Stockholm? Check this out!

Last year, I skipped Halloween and All Saints Day because I was sick, but I didn’t miss them this year. Yeayy!! Halloween Day falls on 31st October while All Saints Day falls on 4 November and usually Swedes celebrate them together in the nearest weekend from those 2 dates. In 2017, it was on Saturday… Read more »

Keunikan budaya bangsa Swedia

Membicarakan kekaguman saya pada budaya bangsa Swedia sepertinya tidak akan ada habisnya. Swedia yang baru saja didapuk sebagai negara ‘paling baik’ di dunia oleh United Nations dan World Bank sungguh memiliki budaya dan gaya hidup yang patut dijadikan pembelajaran. Sebelumnya, saya sudah menulis beberapa budaya Swedia yang cukup mengubah paradigma dan perilaku saya di blog… Read more »

Study trip ke Hammarby Sjöstad

Salah satu hal yang menarik dari kuliah di KTH adalah adanya program study trip ke lapangan atau ke perusahaan. Karena saya mengambil mata kuliah Smart Cities and Climate Mitigation Strategies, saya berkesempatan mengeksplore Hammarby Sjöstad, percontohan sustainable urban area di Stockholm. Study trip berlangsung selama empat jam dimana saya dan teman-teman mengeksplore lima bagian dari… Read more »